An 18-year-old woman gave birth, refused to accept the baby, and left the hospital… Then…

When I arrived at the maternity hospital in the evening with contractions, my husband and I were eagerly anticipating the arrival of our fourth child. By then, our family had already become “hopelessly large.”

Although there were no twins in our family history, my second and third boys turned out to be twins. During my subsequent pregnancy, the family’s biggest joke was, “What if it’s twins again?”

Our grandparents were initially surprised and had to offer us much assistance. Thanks to an ultrasound during the second screening, we could determine whether it was another set of twins.

However, the fourth “Ninja” arrived as a single child. Finally, all the uncertainties were behind us. We were accommodated in a private single room that my husband and I had prepaid.

A few hours later, they brought my baby for feeding. After a few minutes, the chief doctor entered my room with a concerned expression and said, “We have a problem…

This morning, an 18-year-old woman gave birth to a girl, expressed a refusal, called a taxi, and left the maternity hospital.

Although she could hardly walk after giving birth, she was adamant about not staying a minute longer in the hospital. We had to let her go.”

The baby is incredibly beautiful and healthy. Knowing how much you desired twins, I thought, maybe you could take the baby?

– We can state that you gave birth… – I just don’t want to consign the baby to an orphanage. What kind of life would that be for a baby? It breaks my heart… Naturally, it’s illegal.

You could undergo the official adoption process, but it takes months, and there’s no guarantee of approval. – And throughout that time, the baby would be in an orphanage.

It’s truly regrettable… Honestly, I was taken aback… I knew the head nurse, Lyubov Stepanovna, quite well. She was a pleasant and very friendly woman. We even conversed outside the maternity hospital.

Perhaps that’s why she approached me with this “delicate” proposal.

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An 18-year-old woman gave birth, refused to accept the baby, and left the hospital… Then…
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