Brad Pitt is deeply in love with his new partner and plans to marry her at the earliest opportunity…

The highly publicized divorce proceedings between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, which initiated in September 2016, held the world’s attention with its twists and turns.

Amid ongoing disagreements over the division of acquired property, Brad Pitt has found solace and love in his relationship with Ines de Ramon. Rumors are circulating that the actor is contemplating marriage to Ines, indicating a fresh chapter in his personal life.

Sources close to Brad’s inner circle recently shared insights, confirming his deep affection for Ines and his vision of a lasting commitment with her.

Despite the demands of Pitt’s busy filming schedule, the couple manages to carve out quality time together, emphasizing the strength of their connection.

The sources highlighted Ines’s positive energy, adventurous nature, and serene disposition, qualities that resonate with Brad. These attributes are often contrasted with rumors circulating about the supposed emotional turbulence of his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie.

Their relationship, which commenced in November of the preceding year, has been increasingly visible to the public, with sightings of the couple together and reports that Brad has introduced Ines to most of his children.

Despite the ongoing legal proceedings with Angelina, Brad remains focused on nurturing a positive and enduring connection with Ines.

The public eagerly anticipates potential developments in their relationship, with many expressing sincere hopes to witness the couple grace the red carpet together in the future.

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