An adopted man on a search for his biological parents is astounded to learn that his coworker is his father.

One of the most difficult decisions a parent can make is to adopt a child. Regardless of how much parents like their children, circumstances may dictate that the youngster should live with another family. Despite the fact that it is hard, the decision is made out of love, not malice.

Children raised by others have the best possible future, despite their youth or a lack of financial resources. Although many adopted children will never meet their biological family, on rare cases, adopted children might form ties with their biological parents. This is largely determined by the type of adoption—for example, open adoption permits biological parents to be active in their child’s life in some ways. Many children now know who their birth parents are, thanks to the rise of DNA testing. However, not every adoption leads in contact between the kid and the biological parent.

Unexpected situations can result in unexpected reunions. Nathan Boos of Tilden, Wisconsin, discovered that his coworker was his biological father after being adopted shortly after birth. Bob Degaro of Chippewa Falls had no idea he’d already met his abandoned son. This lovely 2018 story demonstrates that sometimes reality is stranger than fiction, and good things can happen when you least expect them! Today, the two men are working hard to strengthen their connection.

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Nathan Boos of Wisconsin had a happy upbringing. Boos was aware that he was adopted, but he never inquired about his biological family from his parents. “I was always aware that I was adopted as a child, but it never occurred to me that I would ever find out who my biological parents were,” Boos told WEAU News. Boos’ parents, on the other hand, knew who his biological parents were but never informed him because he never asked.

Boos had no idea he’d already met his biological father! Boos was a truck driver at the time, and Nathan met one of his coworkers, Robert Degaro, at the Chippewa Falls truck company, Rock Solid Transport. Nathan and Robert spent a significant amount of time together and eventually became Facebook friends. Thanks to Facebook, Nathan’s mother made an unexpected discovery. She told her son that his father was also a truck driver and went looking for him, only to discover that the two were already friends. “She simply looked through my Facebook friend list and brought up his photo, and I yelled, ‘Get out of here,'” said Boos.

We can only imagine how unexpected it must have been to learn that his father was already an online and offline friend of his! Boos sought confirmation from Degaro and inquired about his birth mother. Degaro’s life was about to change for the better.

“One day, he messaged me on Facebook and asked whether I knew his biological mother, and I was like, sure, that’s my ex-wife… and I nearly fell out of my chair… “Oh my God,” Degaro said to WEAU News. Boos later discovered that his biological father and mother had two more children, making them his biological siblings! Though the news site does not say whether Boos’ siblings or biological mother have built a relationship with him, it is apparent that his friendship with Degaro has helped them strengthen their bond.

When asked about the decision to place Boos for adoption, Degaro stated that financial concerns finally led to the decision to place their kid for adoption so that he may have a better life. “I wasn’t much of a father back then.” His real mother had picked the adoptive parents because they were related…distant relatives, I guess, but I had no idea,” Degaro explained. While they continue to strengthen their friendship, Boos says they are taking it one day at a time, or one mile at a time, as truck drivers say.

“It’s still a bit of a shock, and there are days when I’m not sure what to say or how to act… “I mean, he’s my kid, but we didn’t have that father-son relationship growing up, and then we became business partners before we realized who we were,” Degaro told the news source. Both guys are in an unusual predicament, but it is evident that they want to remain in one other’s life.

It may take some time to re-establish the link to something more familiar, but the two truck drivers have already begun! Boos was set to marry in 2018, and Degaro couldn’t wait to be there for his son’s big day. This and other heartwarming stories show the power of love and family, as well as how fate can sometimes lead us down unexpectedly pleasant paths.

A similar story involving two brothers who were reunited after finishing a DNA test was reported in 2017. According to TODAY, Kieron Graham was aware that he was adopted and was always curious about his biological family, so his adoptive parents surprised him with a DNA test as an early Christmas present. His results revealed that his brother, Vincent Ghant, only lived 15 minutes away and went to the same school as him! Interestingly, both brothers were studying political science, thus they most likely passed each other on a regular basis without realizing they were related!

“It was incredible,” Graham recalls. “We merely stared at each other, both crying… I knew my mother was in a difficult situation: she was a single mother working 12 to 15 hours a day as a nurse.” They also met their biological mother and discovered that they have another sibling, Christian. The three brothers continue to spend time together and reconnect. “Every time we get together, we make memories and build that tie,” Ghant explained to TODAY.

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An adopted man on a search for his biological parents is astounded to learn that his coworker is his father.
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