Can you solve this detective case with just one image?

It’s not necessary to mentally tally ten-digit figures to effectively exercise your brain. Sometimes all you need is a single image that already reveals the solution.

We advise you to attempt to solve this small puzzle right now.

Inspector Warnicke made the decision to spend some time in the sun on the riverbank on a hot summer day. He abruptly heard a woman sobbing:

What is the issue? What’s going on? He asked the girl who was crying. Please take a deep breath and explain everything to me.

Through her tears, the woman said, “It’s good for you to talk.” You have no idea how much I value this bracelet. I visit this place daily.

I put the bracelet on a book today after taking it off to tan my arm and fell asleep inadvertently. When I awoke, the bracelet was gone.

Inspector Warnicke plunged into intense thought: aside from the victim’s own footprints, there were no other traces apparent in the sand near the mat. It appeared that nobody unauthorized had been here.

Therefore, one of the regular beachgoers who were now encircling the inspector with a solid wall could only have taken the bracelet. After taking a few seconds to look around, the inspector identified the potential culprit.


The bracelet could only be reached by a guy using a fishing rod without leaving a trail on the sand.

He was the first individual who was said to have gotten to the bracelet without leaving a footprint in the sand.

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Can you solve this detective case with just one image?
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