A 100kg ballet dancer breaks every rule. What is her name?

Taina Maranga, a ballerina who weighs more than 100 kilograms and defies all stereotypes about dancers, is Brazil’s true star.

Strawberry became the girl’s nickname after she dyed her hair red.

So, despite her weight, the dancer moves with grace and lightness on stage.

She is frequently offended, and insulting messages about her appearance are written, but no one knows the Secret’s history.

A few years ago, she was thin, and the extra pounds are the consequences of the fight against cancer, over which she won.

It was the dance that became an outlet for her and helped her to come back to life.

Of course, she now needs to work ten times harder to achieve the same results, but her perseverance and hard work have paid off.

Strawberry is now a true ballet sensation as well as a Brazilian celebrity.

At the moment, the Mystery of Marang is an example and inspiration for many women who do not meet the standards of beauty.

The girl teaches you to love and accept yourself and not to pay attention to anyone else’s opinion.

Her story proves that everything is possible, you just need to want.

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