Cute puppy believes cat is his mother

Taras resided in Costa del Sol, Spain, with his partner, several pet dogs, and a cat. The pet siblings had a great bond and were always nice to the other dogs.

One of his dogs had recently given birth. Taras decided to introduce the cat to the children. As a result, the owner placed all of the puppies on a large bed where his favorite cat was sleeping.

The majority of the puppies chose to slumber and were probably lost in their own beautiful world, daydreaming about food. However, when one of the puppies awoke and approached the kitty, he awoke the other siblings.

The adorable yet mischievous dog had decided to disturb the lovely Tabby cat. He followed the cat around the bed as if she were his mother, biting her body repeatedly.

The unfortunate animal was taken aback by the puppy’s bravado and moved away. However, this did not make the child disappear. He kept following the cat and annoying her in his own cute way.

The cute puppy wagging his little tail looked adorable. The cat wanted to avoid the puppy at all costs, but the little creature did not want to leave her side. Instead, the naughty pup wanted to play with her.

He climbed on the cat’s back and continuously wagged his little tail. It felt as if the cute puppy was trying to give the cat a back massage thinking the feline would give in to his charm.

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Cute puppy believes cat is his mother
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