Here’s how the 95-year-old man’s life was changed by the red-haired fluffy.

This 95-year-old Japanese pensioner’s days were filled with desire and greyness before a red cat entered his life.

His family assures him that they have forgotten how his grandfather smiled, but things have changed recently in his life.

Meet this incredibly charming couple of Japanese pensioner Gigi and his cat Kinako.

Gigi has loved to work all his life and has not missed a single working day in more than 60 years of experience.

And when he retired, he lost the incentive to live and became sad, grumpy, and irritable because of every little thing.

The pensioner’s granddaughter then had a brilliant idea: give her grandfather a cat who would become his best companion.

Kinako’s purr became immensely affectionate and charming as if she were breathing fresh life into a tired old man.

He had grown quite close to his master and did not want to be separated from him even for a second.

And, to the extent feasible, he looked after the pet and felt responsible for him.

The cat has become his loyal companion, and the two of them spend long days relaxing together, the old guy contemplating something personal while his fluffy red-haired companion lies next to him, as if knowing everything.

The granddaughter took a lot of pictures of her grandfather and his friend and published them on her page on the social network and their story became known all over the world, causing the affection of users.

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Here’s how the 95-year-old man’s life was changed by the red-haired fluffy.
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