Tiny babies were born at the 22nd week. How and where they are now

When infants are expected, the entire family does its best to provide comfort for the mother in order to minimize any problems.

However, not all of these will always assist future mothers in reaching the goal week.

Sometimes, especially when there are two or more kids, babies choose to enter the world early.

And it would be OK if the early was just that: early.

The case of these twins is so rare.

They decided to be born in the 22nd week.

And congratulations to the physicians, who were able to save them, and the entire family is currently fighting for their recovery.

They were fighting for their life at first.

And after winning the initial battle, they continued on, and today they are out of the incubator and have undergone numerous operations.

And even with many health problems they still need to fight with, the twins keep their parents strong with the hope that soon all this will be over and they will return home as a happy family.

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