The cat-obsessed pit bull has won the lottery: 5 kittens to play with and care for.

Ozzy is a character. He’s a pit bull from Southern California. Ozzy defies all stereotypes about his apparently vicious breed by being gentle, affable, and gregarious. He adores both people and other animals. In fact, if a burglar broke into the house, Ozzy is believed to have offered to hold the torch for him! He was adopted three years ago and has since thrived on receiving (and giving) lots of love from his new human parents and their three children.

Ozzy, on the other hand, had a major annoyance: he wished for an animal buddy. Perhaps a cat: they appear to be a lot of fun. When Ozzy arrived, there was already a cat named Norm in the house, but he had nothing to do with the canine intruder. “The grouchy old man just tells him to fluff off,” their human mother, Jennifer Lajeniss, put it.

Fortunately, Ozzy’s years of agony have come to an end. Jennifer got increasingly concerned about the well-being of a pregnant stray cat in the area. As a result, they adopted the cat and named her Winnie. Five kittens were soon added to the household’s animal roster.

Ozzy, the cat-obsessed pit bull, was overjoyed. He’d rush over whenever he heard one of the kittens’ mewings to make sure everything was fine. He’d lick them as well, just like a mother cat! “Ever since we’ve let Oz engage with the kittens, he’s been so joyful,” Jennifer says. Winnie isn’t bothered by Ozzy’s status as an adoring uncle. In fact, she enjoys rubbing up against him as a means of saying thank you.

Check out the video below to witness this large pit bull behave like a mother cat. Four of the kittens have already found new homes, but Winnie and Troublemaker will remain with the family (one of the kittens).

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The cat-obsessed pit bull has won the lottery: 5 kittens to play with and care for.
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