When a 6.1 earthquake rocks the confinement center, angel nurses safeguard the newborns.

During a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan, altruistic nurses at a home-based confinement center shield the newborns under their care with their bodies, according to footage captured by a security camera.

The clip, which has now gone viral on Taiwan’s internet, starts with the center shaking violently as numerous cribs containing some of the newborns moved around the room.

One of the nurses hastily takes two cots nearby and crouches to comfort the babies.

The footage also shows two other nurses who are cuddling a newborn baby each in their arms and quickly attending to the other babies who are apparently shocked by the sudden shaking.

The nurses also appear to use their bodies to protect the newborn babies in case of any falling debris from the roof.

In the time when danger awaits them, the nurses choose to stay by the helpless babies’ side and comfort them instead of rushing to their own safety.

Thankfully, none of the nurses and the newborns was injured when the earthquake took place.

When the footage went viral on the internet, many people were impressed by the nurses’ selfless and noble actions to protect and comfort the babies during the earthquake.

The footage was captured following a 6.1 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Hualien, Taiwan just recently on April 18. The earthquake saw subway services temporarily stopped in Taipei and buildings shaken.

17 people were injured after the largest earthquake that has hit the country this year.

Watch the heartwarming moment the nurses protect and comfort the newborn during the earthquake here.

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When a 6.1 earthquake rocks the confinement center, angel nurses safeguard the newborns.
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