Kitten is placed on Mommy’s lap. What Follows Is Pure Cuteness At Its Finest.

Kitten videos, like other addictive substances, should be regulated. Once you’ve seen one, you won’t be able to stop yourself from viewing it for at least the next five hours… oh, wait. Now the sun is rising. Is it already eight o’clock? In any case, this film may serve as a springboard for further viewing. It features the world’s cutest kitten and makes you want to watch more.

This kitten, of an unknown breed, is curled up on his mother’s lap. Because his tummy is so exposed, it’s evident that he already trusts her. She’s repaying you for your faith by tickling you. He spreads his legs up in the air every time she stops and lifts her hands as if to say, “MORE, MOMMY! MORE!” She’ll gladly cooperate. He likes the music she hums and his eyes are so cute as he watches her hands play around her belly.

Watching this kitten react to the tickling is nearly fascinating. Every time he stretches his paws out, I can almost hear him exclaim, “WHEE!” He appears to be having a great time, and the woman on his lap appears to be as well. Even at the conclusion of the film, when he squints and she rubs his head, he’s adorable. It’s so sweet that every time I see it, I have to check my blood sugar.

I’d watch it if it were looped for three hours straight. It’s impossible to deny that the kitten is adorable. This film should be shown in every anger management therapy session, in jails, and in any other location where there is a lot of violence. In the long run, it’d be a lot more relaxing. Are you getting irritated? Consider the adorable video. Petting a cat is said to decrease blood pressure. Just thinking about it should deduct a few points.

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Kitten is placed on Mommy’s lap. What Follows Is Pure Cuteness At Its Finest.
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