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Baby sloths are completely reliant on their moms, who teach them survival and adaptation skills.

They are both attractive and delicate.

The cub will cling to the mother’s fur and crawl across her chest for protection after delivery.

Little sloths are born with eyes that are already open, teeth that are completely grown, and keen claws.

Those who are on residential premises sleep an average of 15 hours a day.

The Sloth Shelter in Costa Rica has been operating since 1997 and is an officially authorized rescue center.

Their goal is to save, rehabilitate, explore and release sloths, as well as preserve their natural habitat — the tropical forests.

A video of a charming couple of sloths conversing enthusiastically has gone viral on the internet.

Two cute babies were overheard conversing.

It was such a lovely moment that was captured on film.

Although we can’t understand a single word they say, their gentle voices are more eloquent than any words.

The sound they make sounds almost like “a-a-a-a”.

Although most of you have seen other animals talking, we are pretty sure that you probably haven’t heard the sloths’ speech.

So we give you a chance to watch this wonderful, incredibly funny video and share it with your friends.

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