A nurse places a dying puppy next to a kitten, and the resulting “hug” produces a miracle.

Our furry pets’ lives can be difficult at times, but they, like us humans, can overcome any challenge with the support of good pals.

Barnabus is the name of this little puppy that was born with a cleft palate, thus his breeder had to send him away; can you believe how cruel people can be?

What a relief it was when a woman named Laura offered to look after Barnabus and help him with his condition. She delivered him to his foster home, where he would join other baby animals she had rescued.

Laura lent a helping hand to both of them on the same day as another member of the adoptive family arrived, this time a baby cat named Broccoli, and despite having her hands full, she lent a helping hand to both of them. These gorgeous little newborns are a sight to behold. From the beginning, they acted as though they were siblings!

Barnabus was difficult to care for, especially when he first came; due to his illness, he had to be fed through a tube for the first few weeks of his existence, which was a difficult effort for his carer, who was already busy aiding other critters in distress.

Laura was exhausted from racing about to cater to two needy kids, but in the face of the situation, she had a wonderful idea: if she couldn’t care for them individually, why not bring them together?

After a few weeks, Laura’s care has resulted in these children growing up to be very healthy. We can see them both, slightly larger than before, and interacting with one another.

Who’d have guessed a dog and a cat could form such a close bond? I’m not surprised at all! Love is love, and it heals everything. Love has no regard for race, creed, or even species.

Laura then shows us another story of a dog who has had horrible luck. We meet Ellery Max at about the 1:50 mark, and you’ll be heartbroken when you see what this poor boy has! It’s something you’ll have to see for yourself.

Many people from all over the world expressed their thoughts on this foster family, with many thanking Laura for her assistance to these sad abandoned children.

“Cute small little guys, thank you for your help!” commented one viewer. This video was entertaining to see! You two are angels in the world of puppies and kittens! You guys are deserving of a congratulatory slap on the back!”

“Barnabus and his siblings Ellery and Broccoli are adorable and inseparable, being taken care of by their foster mom,” another viewer remarked. They are deserving of this life. I hope to see them soon in their forever home, which will be loving and caring. Thank you so much, Ma’am. “Truly inspirational.”

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A nurse places a dying puppy next to a kitten, and the resulting “hug” produces a miracle.