Because she “Can’t Stop Dreaming About Waffles,” a toddler launches into a hilarious tirade.

If you’ve ever watched “Parks and Recreation,” you’re aware that Leslie Knope has a thing for waffles. Nothing beats sitting down at her favorite restaurant, JJ’s, with one of her large binders and a big dish of waffles – preferably coated in whip cream – and hashing out a deal with other city officials. It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Leslie’s mini-me is this cute little child who, more than likely, just needs a lengthy nap.

Julia Rowland, her mother, posted a video last month showing her tiny baby in tears because… she can’t stop fantasizing about waffles!

“I can’t stop thinking about waffles,” she says, her bottom lip twitching sweetly.

Julia gently explains, “Well, you had waffles for dinner and waffles for breakfast.” “As a result, we’ll eat something else.”

How can her mother expect her to eat anything else, let alone be pleased when waffles appear in her dreams?

“Why can’t I get waffles out of my head?” She cries.

Mom shared the video on her Facebook page in early January, and practically everyone who reacted tagged one or more friends, indicating that waffle cravings are a frequent problem:

If “Parks and Recreation” are ever revived, this adorable little girl will undoubtedly be cast in the lead role. Watch the video below and share it with a fellow waffle fan today!