Cute Twins Have Fun With Their Pacifiers

Babies are sent on this planet to make people happy. Twins bring twice the delight, twice the fun, and twice the smiles. Twins can be difficult to care for, therefore anyone willing to assist is welcomed with open arms. There are a lot of dirty clothes, diapers, bibs, and bottles to deal with.

The joy of seeing these kids grow is indescribable, and if you get an opportunity to see them play, you will be astounded. Twins are bathing together in the video below, which is supported by a basket. It’s adorable to see the two engaged in an intense game. The twins try to take the pacifiers from each other’s mouths.

The baby on the right takes the lead, but it’s not long until the baby on the left steals the right’s pacifier. The pacifier is then placed in his mouth. When his brother reclaims it, his mother replies, “Good job Simon,” laughs, and then exclaims, “Oh O.” Their game is called “Binkie Wars” by the mother. Over 66 million people have seen this viral video!

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