We’re Tempted To Join These Adorable Twin Baby Boys In Their Laughter

A baby’s giggle can sometimes be all it takes to make a bad day better. Our brains respond to their unadulterated joy in a unique way, and we typically can’t help but smile or laugh back.

The actual reason we find babies so wonderful may be the simple truth that their joy originates from a completely innocent and pure place — there are no hidden meanings or messages to understand when dealing with an infant, whether it’s due to natural selection or psychology.

It usually doesn’t take much to make a baby laugh – a simple game of peek-a-boo or simply making a comical face will usually result in a slobbery grin. And when another infant gets involved, like in this video, the effects are almost too adorable to bear.

Peyton and Brennan, twin boys placed face to face in their crib, are acquiring a critical new tool: calling and reacting with another human. Apart from the fact that they are so darn cute, we adore their cognitive growth achievements.