Twin Babies Have a Huge Plate of Marshmallows

One of the most charming moments for new parents is mealtime and snacks. While getting their squishy tummies filled with scrumptious food, their new bundles of joy make the loveliest smiles and sounds.

Michael Hoffman is the proud father of two beautiful twin daughters. Hoffman has a YouTube account where he posts beautiful family moments, and he’s no stranger to a viral video. The twins appear to be spending a lot of time in the snack cabinet lately.

These two cuties have more in common than just genetics; they also can’t seem to get over their mutual fondness for marshmallows. Michael replies charismatically to the girls reaching for their favorite sweet treat by grabbing a platter for them.

His adorable daughters sit side by side, savoring the fluffy flavor of little marshmallows. One female takes little bits, while the other stuffs handfuls of food into her mouth. The lovely duo is ready for seconds in a matter of minutes.

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Twin Babies Have a Huge Plate of Marshmallows
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