Fussy Baby Completely Changes When She Sees Daddy

When her kindhearted father stepped in to see his darling baby resting, little Mickey was deep asleep in her cradle. He was filming her with his phone, just in case she did something charming.

Mickey awoke in less than a minute and began her cute newborn stretches and small eye-rubs. Her gorgeous eyes eventually opened, and she began to take in her surroundings before letting out a little cry.

When she spotted her father, he said hello right away. This modest gesture quickly calmed her sobs and gave her a huge smile on her tiny face. Mickey immediately melted into a puddle as Dad told her how much he loved her.

Having a loving and affectionate father drastically improves the baby’s mental health and development. He may not have realized it, but these small actions have a significant impact that can greatly reduce her chances of developing things like anxiety and depression as this little cutie grows up.

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Fussy Baby Completely Changes When She Sees Daddy
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