An adorable 4-month-old is entranced watching “I know I need to be in Love” sang

Adler, who is four months old, can’t take his gaze away from Annie, his mother’s best friend, while she sings him a Karen Carpenter song. He’d give anything to be able to sing with her.

While sitting at a kitchen table, Annie began singing Karen Carpenter’s “I Know I Need to Be in Love.” Adler, a 4-month-old baby, sat in a car seat on the table in front of her.

Adler stared longingly at her as she began to sing, unable to look away. The child’s rapt concentration couldn’t be broken, and his adoration for Annie’s incredible voice was wonderful.

Fortunately, the camera was close by. John, another friend, grabbed it and began recording. As Adler began to move his mouth in response to the words, the camera was zoomed in to focus on him. It’s obvious that Adler tried his hardest to imitate Annie’s heavenly voice.

Adler smiled as large as he could while he wasn’t twitching his lips and cooing. Annie’s voice was light, inviting, and kind. The soothing song reached his small heart and filled him with delight, which he couldn’t help but share.