Exhausted new father believes he is rocking the baby – he isn’t!

Any new parent has been in the same position as this weary father.

Parenting is difficult. Any new parent has been fatigued, wishing for a snooze while still caring for their infant. This is the situation with this pair.

The infant is fast asleep in mom’s arms, which is amusing given that the new dad is across the room cradling what he believes is his child. He’s rocking himself to stay away, trying to get the baby to sleep using his best new parent techniques.

He has no notion, however, that he is comforting a robed figure. He’s so exhausted that he tries to put the ‘baby’s cap back on, arrange the covers to fit its face, and gently cradle it to sleep.

That is a feeling that every parent has experienced. Given that he’s staring directly at her, it’s amusing that this poor father doesn’t even see that his wife is holding the kid.

One thing is certain: he has the moves down pat! They’d be fast asleep by now if he was genuinely carrying his newborn. Even though he’s fatigued, he’s a pro parent!

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