Baby has no idea which of these identical twins is his biological father.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if one of your parents had a twin brother or sister? Because he can’t differentiate his father from his uncle, who are identical twins, this infant has gone viral.

Baby Reed is transferred back and forth between his father, Stephen, and his uncle, Michael, and is clearly as perplexed as any toddler would be by the circumstance.

Even when Michael takes off his glasses to help baby Reed make a distinction between them, the baby still points to Michael and says, “Dada.”

That’s what makes this video so endearing. “Dada,” Baby Reed always says, pointing to the twin who isn’t carrying him. Even when Stephen, his father, is holding him, he continues to point to Michael!

Meanwhile, as the charade unfolds in front of it, the dog in the background appears to be rolling its eyes in exasperation. “How could this tiny human not distinguish between them?” Isn’t he missing a nose?”

Some viewers even question if the infant may be confused about his father’s identity as a result of the twins’ striking resemblance in appearance and manner.

In case you’re still wondering which one is which, the father, Stephen, is the one on the left in the gray sweater, while the uncle, Michael, is the one on the right in the pink shirt.

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Baby has no idea which of these identical twins is his biological father.
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