Mom cries when her toddler meets his baby sister for the first time

Rowan, a toddler, is being wheeled into the hospital room, where his mother and new baby sister await his arrival. He enters with his father on his side, holding hands. His mother then picks him up and cradles him in her arms.

Rowan can now see the baby from a great height and points to her. She is his new sibling, according to his parents. The mother is visibly upset at this moment and can’t stop crying.

They place the baby on the bed and the family gathers around her. Rowan sits in the center, watching his sister with curiosity. With a gentle touch, he pokes his sister on her soft cheeks and tiny feet. He says that he loves her.

The parents watch proudly as their children bond for the first time. Rowan is excited and joyful watching his sister sleep. He caresses her to make sure she’s comfortable.

When her pacifier falls out Rowan picks it up and carefully puts it back in her mouth. He gets excited and starts slapping pillows, but they tell him to stop because his sister is sleeping.

The mother holds Rowan in her arms again, and they stare out the window as the baby continues to sleep. She continues to cry, and tells Rowan she saw some horses outside.

Rowan reveals that he has prepared a present for his mother. He hands her flowers that he chose himself just for her. She is a huge fan of flowers.

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