These children are challenged to remain totally still in order to win a gift.

Little kids are notorious for jumping from one activity to the next and having difficulty sitting still. Many children’s songs even allow them to express their wiggles.

In this video, though, children are forced to sit totally motionless through five rounds of interruptions. The top reward for remaining calm in the face of wild activity? A completely new hoverboard.

With the prize in mind, the children prepare to sit as statues while their parents watch on a monitor in the next room. First up, is a bubble machine. Some of the children begin by closing their eyes and trying to block out the bubbles. However, all of the children are watching the bubbles fly toward them. Some maintain a solemn demeanor, while others’ eyes sparkle. Near the end of the round, a child complains that his armpits are itchy and requests that they be scratched.

They make it through, and Round 2 begins. The film crew inflates a bouncy house! The kids are told they are free to jump in it, but they’ll lose the round if they do. They won’t be allowed to jump in after. One kid decides right away to give up the hoverboard and jump.

Round 3 starts with four players. Two puppies are brought on set, and another child gives up the hoverboard to pet the dogs. Another kid walks off the set, and the contest is down to two players.

The two remaining players motivate one another to keep focused. Round 4 features an inflatable pool of candy. The two kids stand there watching the others eat as many sweets as they want. The two surviving players, though, seem unmoved by sweets.

Bringing an ice cream truck to the set is the last round. The music is playing throughout the studio, and the students who have gone missing can order whatever they want. One of the last kids gives in and goes out to the vehicle at the last second. In the end, just one child was able to resist all of the temptations. She deserved that hoverboard!

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These children are challenged to remain totally still in order to win a gift.
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