One can only dream about such a nanny

Luna was adopted as an adult by this family, and as a result, she treats youngsters as if they were naughty kittens, believing that she is just obligated to look after them.

Furthermore, she does this virtually always, sleeping exclusively, and she manages to keep the children under control while sleeping.

Luna was taken from the orphanage by the mother of those same students and the cat’s owner, and she rapidly acclimated to the family, being especially close to the children.

They stayed at home much of the time due to the coronavirus lockdown, much to Luna’s delight.

She went out with the children for a walk, followed everywhere, and even the neighbors expressed delight about the charm and intelligence of this gray cat.

When full-time training at school began, Luna turned out to be not one of those who refuses their routine.

She still did not leave the children and took care of them, sometimes even too much, and then escorted them to school, there was a short road and Luna already knew it by heart.

Heather was contacted about the cheeky pet and came to take her up, which was difficult, but in the end, she was enticed by the treats and abandoned the intention of going into the educational institution’s building.

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