How does the 29-year-old mother from the United States deal with her 14 daughters and her desire to have a son?

Augustine Irera, a 29-year-old mother with a large family, resides in Texas.

Her long-held desire is to have a son, but nature has other plans.

She now has 14 daughters, including three sets of twins.

The woman is still hopeful of becoming the mother of the heir.

She was not prepared for pregnancy, according to the American.

Everything happened unexpectedly.

Augustine’s first marriage was marred by a string of “surprises.”

She had four daughters from this marriage.

Soon Augustine divorced her first husband, but she did not stay alone for long.

The next husband is Jose Irera.

It is with him that she continues to multiply her family in the hope of giving birth to a boy.

In the first two years of living together with Jose, the woman gave birth to 2 daughters.

They thought they would stop there, but it didn’t work out.

Soon the woman found out that she was carrying a pair of twins.

She was filled with hope that she would definitely have a boy, even doctors confirmed this fact.

As a result, 2 girls were born.

Even before she has time to cope with the shock that she has girls again, the woman finds out that she is pregnant with twins again.

After 9 months, 2 girls were born again.

As soon as the youngest twins are 3 months old, Augustine learns about her 3rd pair of twins, whom she already carries under her heart.

No prayers helped her, she gave birth to 2 girls again.

Augustine’s daily routine shocks many moms.

Not every woman can stand it.

She has to wash about 40 times a day, cook at least 8 different dishes (according to the age of each child), take her elders to school, etc.

Her husband has been working seven days a week all this time. He is engaged in landscape design.

Now the American woman is taking contraceptives, but the couple is not going to stop there.

They still dream of a boy.

The couple is planning to have a child when the youngest twins are 4 years old.

“I don’t have a limit, I would love to give birth to at least a dozen more children, if only they were boys.”

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How does the 29-year-old mother from the United States deal with her 14 daughters and her desire to have a son?
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