Check out This Story of Unforgettable Reunion of a Mother and Daughter, 72 Years in the Making…

A newborn is a precious gift. Genevieve Purinton was 18 when she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in 1949.

Times were different, and as a young single mother, the doctors took her baby away. It was a painful experience.

All Genevieve wanted was to hold her baby, but that opportunity was denied.

“I told them I wanted to see my baby, but they told me she wasn’t here,” Genevieve recalls. Since then, she has never had the chance to have a child.

This remarkable woman, who had faced many challenges in her life, found herself alone in a shelter at the age of 88. She had no idea what surprises awaited her.

A woman named Connie underwent DNA testing nearly 1,500 miles from Genevieve’s home and traced her family tree.

Connie was only a few days old when she was adopted but had always wondered about her biological mother. She began her search immediately.

The quest led her to a woman who identified Connie’s biological mother and informed her that she was still alive. This woman found her missing 69-year-old daughter.

The reunion was joyful, and after seeing her beautiful daughter and connecting with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, this lovely woman no longer felt alone in the world.

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