Amy Slaton from “1000-Lb. Sisters” has transformed a lot and here is how she looks today!

Amy Slaton, the familiar face from TLC’s reality show “1000-Lb. Sisters,” recently surprised her followers by sharing a TikTok video featuring a new romantic partner, Tony Rodgers.

This unexpected revelation stirred up questions about her estranged husband, Michael Halterman, leading to the revelation that they are currently going through a divorce.

The decision to part ways had been in motion since February, and Halterman officially filed for divorce in March, seeking a “civil restraining order.”

This legal measure puts constraints on disclosing divorce-related details on social media and mandates official communication through court-approved channels.

Slaton and Halterman, who share two children, Gage and Glenn, are still in the process of finalizing custody arrangements. However, they have reached a temporary agreement for joint custody.

The TikTok video, in which Slaton introduced her new boyfriend, Tony Rodgers, showcased the couple caring for her sons. This public unveiling left fans both bewildered and intrigued about Michael Halterman’s current status.

According to reports, Slaton and Rodgers may have discreetly started dating amid the divorce proceedings. Rodgers, who was featured in Slaton’s YouTube video celebrating Glenn’s birthday, has been living with her in Kentucky following a series of frequent visits.

Despite the complexities associated with the divorce, the couple seems dedicated to spending quality time together with the children, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining a supportive environment for their family amidst significant personal changes.

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Amy Slaton from “1000-Lb. Sisters” has transformed a lot and here is how she looks today!