Julia Roberts has been getting negative comments because of her skinny legs… Check out the recent photos here!

Julia Roberts made a stunning and memorable appearance at the premiere of “Leave the World Behind,” captivating everyone with her impeccable style in an all-pink ensemble.

The Hollywood icon, celebrated for her charm and exceptional acting skills, continues to shine in her latest film, effortlessly showcasing her fashion sense in a chic pink outfit that included a buttoned blazer, shorts, sparkling silver shoes, and a statement necklace.

However, despite the overall admiration for her flawless look, reactions from fans were diverse. While some praised her elegant appearance, others critiqued her choice of footwear as “clod-hoppers” and found the ensemble to be “homely.”

Additionally, comments surfaced about her slender physique, with some expressing concerns that she appeared “so thin” and “too skinny,” particularly as she confidently displayed her long, slim legs.

Nevertheless, Julia Roberts, who is over 50, maintains her timeless and youthful appearance with a straightforward beauty routine.

Her regimen includes regular facial cleansing, the application of a hydrating mask, and the consistent use of sunscreen. Demonstrating confidence in her appearance, she styles her hair in a casually elegant manner, complemented by fresh makeup and eyeliner when stepping out for public events.

For Julia Roberts, beauty is not solely about physical aesthetics; it encompasses a cheerful and positive outlook on life.

Despite her hectic schedule, she stays physically active through activities like Pilates and water workouts, and she manages her diet with guidance from nutritionist Carrie Wiatt.

In 2012, Roberts credited Wiatt for her instrumental role in helping her achieve a significant weight loss of over 43 pounds through a sensible and balanced diet. Beyond her illustrious career, Julia Roberts takes immense pride in her role as a devoted mother of three, including twins born when she was 37, with her husband, Danny Moder.

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Julia Roberts has been getting negative comments because of her skinny legs… Check out the recent photos here!
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