Doctors split those 11 months old twins and here is what they look like today!

Today’s narrative revolves around extraordinary twins, Abby and Erin, born in 2016 under circumstances that defied the norm.

Weighing merely 900 grams each, these twins arrived ten weeks prematurely, presenting a significant challenge to the doctors attending to their birth – both had conjoined brains, an unprecedented and perplexing condition for the medical team.

Faced with this unique circumstance, the parents were determined not to abandon their daughters and proactively sought solutions to address this complex issue. Their commitment to helping the girls lead a complete and fulfilling life was unwavering.

When the twins reached 11 months of age, doctors embarked on a highly intricate 11-hour operation, fraught with risks that one of the sisters might not survive.

Against the odds, both Abby and Erin emerged from the operation successfully, celebrating their recent fourth birthday and embracing life like any other girls their age.

The girls’ mother expresses immense pride in the doctors’ efforts, considering them true heroes in the family’s journey. Abby and Erin, having navigated this profound test early in their lives, are lauded for their resilience.

The medical team continues to monitor the twins’ growth and development, acknowledging the historic nature of the separation operation at such a young age. Erin’s faster recovery, owing to less severe skull damage, contrasted with Abby’s extended vulnerability to infection and bleeding post-surgery.

Before the operation, parents were duly informed of potential risks. Special balls were inserted into the infants’ skulls to gradually stretch their skin, a meticulous process reflecting the doctors’ dedication to their craft.

Following the procedure, the twins were placed in an induced coma to alleviate stress, and ongoing therapy aims to restore the brain processes that were underdeveloped during this period.

Subsequent years will see the girls undergo additional procedures and examinations for bone replacement and overall head restoration.

Grateful parents Erin and Abby express profound appreciation for the doctors’ instrumental role in their daughters’ growth. Their sincere hope is that, despite the setbacks, the twins will enjoy the happy and wonderful life they undeniably deserve.

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Doctors split those 11 months old twins and here is what they look like today!
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