The shattered dream of a 10-year-old cowboy finally comes to life… Check it out here!

As part of a school project in Las Vegas, two young boys revealed their shared dream of becoming professional bull riders. FOX5 got wind of their aspirations and mobilized the FOX5 Surprise Squad to visit the boys’ homes and help turn their dreams into reality.

Jay Kellogg and his sister Jet harbored ambitions of becoming skilled bull riders from a young age. Despite the absence of formal sports, the thrill of experiencing an adrenaline rush fueled their passion. These kids found joy in riding bulls, inspired by their father, who was an accomplished bull rider.

Young Jayce conveyed his aspirations in a heartfelt message, expressing his desire to follow in his late father’s footsteps as a bull rider. Proudly donning his father’s Texas-style hat, the child became a symbol of both pride and joy. In collaboration with Fox Five News, PBR (Professional Bull Riders) joined forces to surprise these two young PBR enthusiasts.

The FOX5 Surprise Squad, upon learning about Jesse and Jet, felt compelled to orchestrate a special and extraordinary surprise for the young boys. They made an unexpected visit to their homes, conducting an interview that was both pleasant and shockingly surprising.

The surprise unfolded as the FOX5 Surprise Squad, in collaboration with the PBR group, delivered three renowned bulls to the driveway of the boys’ homes.

The sheer astonishment on the kids’ faces was evident when they realized that the bulls had arrived. As the bulls were being unloaded, the young boys were startled to see a familiar face – J. B. Mauni, the renowned bull rider. The kids shared their passion for the sport with Mauni, holding him in high regard much like they did with their late father.

To make the day even more memorable, Mauni presented the young boys with PBR tickets, emphasizing the significance of the gift. The surprise continued as they were invited to attend a PBR show that night and witness Mauni himself taking on a bull in a large arena. It was undeniably a fantastic and joyous day for the two young boys.

The grandparents of these children showcased exceptional strength and creativity. According to their grandmother, she acknowledged the unique ways in which God looks after children, asserting that their late father watches over them and rejoices in their successes.

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