This grandma wrote a poem about aging and it will make you emotional…

Wanda B. Goines, at the age of 92, gained online recognition through a video where her caregiver, Kathryn Clausnitzer Wilson, captured her reciting an original poem titled “The Gift Wrap and The Jewel.”

Despite her seemingly petite stature, Wanda, seated in a large beige armchair, exudes wisdom and a timeless grace. Adorned in a dignified long black skirt, a woven top, and pearl necklaces, she imparts powerful words about the aging process, emphasizing that true value lies within.

The video, dating back to 2015, has surpassed 5 million shares, continuing to accumulate views and resonating with audiences. Wanda’s wisdom is rooted in her advanced age and a rich life experience.

As a great-grandmother with eight children, including the internationally acclaimed artist David Lance Goines, she is an accomplished artist and calligrapher in her own right.

During the recording, Wanda was residing in Cave Junction, Oregon, and her entire family took immense joy in witnessing her newfound online fame. The poem she recites, “The Gift Wrap & The Jewel,” is a reflection on the aging process and the enduring value found within.

In the poem, Wanda contemplates her reflection, acknowledging the physical changes that come with age. However, she emphasizes the importance of recognizing the intrinsic worth that remains untouched. Her verses encourage a focus on internal qualities, such as kindness, wisdom, contentment, and devotion, as opposed to external appearances.

Wanda’s profound words conclude with a powerful message about the liberation of the inner jewel once the external “gift-wrap” is stripped away. The poem inspires introspection, urging individuals to live righteously and encouraging viewers to share this uplifting message with others.

Wanda B. Goines, a remarkable 92-year-old, embodies a life well-lived, and her inspiring poem serves as a beacon of wisdom and encouragement for all who encounter it.

Here is the video:

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This grandma wrote a poem about aging and it will make you emotional…
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