They became parents of 5 babies at the same time and here is how the kids look years later…

There are notable five-year-olds in this story whose parents, having formed a close friendship after graduating from university, eventually married each other.

Unfortunately, the couple faced challenges with their first child’s passing and delays in the birth of their second child.

Varvara turned to birth control pills to aid in conception, and in a common turn of events in such cases, she eventually gave birth to multiple children.

Opting for childbirth in Britain due to the reluctance of local medical professionals to handle such a complex pregnancy, the couple received financial support from an entrepreneur.

In 2007, five charming daughters were born prematurely at the 26th week, necessitating a cesarean section. The local government representatives welcomed them at the airport in their home country with keys to a four-room flat, while a generous diaper company provided their products.

Despite the initial challenges, the girls, with effort, attended kindergarten and school together and grew up to be healthy and attractive.

Their father, despite his work commitments, strives to be actively involved in their upbringing, possibly influenced by his strong religious convictions that are shared by the entire family.

Each girl participates in a club or Sunday school of her preference, possibly influenced by their parents’ educational background and experience with young children.

This background may contribute to the family’s ability to resolve issues and structure all processes involving the daughters.

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They became parents of 5 babies at the same time and here is how the kids look years later…
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