These twins love the water like real mermaids and everyone admires them for it…

Beatriz and Branca Feres, twin sisters from Brazil, are accomplished athletes and integral members of the Brazilian national synchronized swimming team. Both in life and in sports, they provide unwavering support to each other.

From a young age, these two captivating individuals immersed themselves in swimming, aspiring to emulate figures like Ariel from fairy tales.

Simultaneously, they pursued gymnastics. However, influenced by their father, a swimmer and aquatic activities coach, they ultimately chose artistic swimming.

As genuine mermaids, the sisters earned their first significant victory at the tender age of 11.

Early in their journey, the charming duo represented Brazil in the Pan American Games, securing a third-place finish in artistic swimming. Following this success, Bia and Branca briefly ventured into the modeling industry.

As the 2014 Olympic Games approached in their home country, the twins returned to their sporting careers to participate.

Despite their team finishing in sixth place, the sisters expressed great joy, emphasizing the honor of representing their country at the Olympic Games.

With a shared Instagram page boasting over a million followers, the twins captivate people with stunning photos taken in swimsuits by the Atlantic Ocean.

To distinguish themselves further, the adorable “mermaids” have tattoos with the numbers 1 and 2. Beatriz and Branca also share a passion for football, supporting the Rio “Vasco da Gama” team.

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These twins love the water like real mermaids and everyone admires them for it…
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