This woman had gel nails for a long time and now she has difficulties moving her hands…

In today’s contemporary society, the significance of one’s appearance is widely acknowledged. This is particularly true for the female population, who often strive for an impeccable look.

Individuals aim to leave their homes with a fashionable appearance, meticulously styled hair, and well-maintained hands.

Our story’s protagonist, Lisa Dewey, is a 36-year-old woman hailing from Pattishall, Northamptonshire, England, who places a great emphasis on her personal grooming, especially ensuring her hands and nails look their best.

For numerous years, Lisa had been applying gel to her nails and regularly visited the beautician, earning admiration from friends and family for her impeccable manicures.

However, one fateful day, after a manicure session, Lisa experienced an alarming sensation – her hands seemed almost immobile, making it difficult to perform even simple tasks. This was just the beginning of her troubles.

Soon, Lisa’s nails became inflamed and started to peel off. Recognizing the severity of the issue, she promptly sought medical attention, revealing that her condition was the result of a bacterial infection triggered by the gel used on her nails.

Now, she finds herself in a challenging situation, struggling to execute basic movements. Lisa is actively undergoing treatment, but harbors concerns that she may not fully recover in time to resume her work.

Expressing her disbelief, she states, “I couldn’t have imagined this could ever happen; it all transpired so suddenly. I even feared losing a finger, but thankfully, I’m starting to feel some improvement.”

In her online message, she imparts a word of caution to fellow women, urging them to exercise care, as similar situations could potentially befall anyone.

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This woman had gel nails for a long time and now she has difficulties moving her hands…
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