Dublin’s most unique triplets grew up and here is what they look like at 33!

A rare set of triplets was born in Dublin back in April 1987. Surprisingly, all three girls turned out to be identical, sharing the same features.

As the years passed, Nicola, Laura, and Allison grew into beautiful young women, attracting the attention of modeling agencies. However, their parents initially discouraged their daughters from pursuing modeling careers at a young age, believing that young girls should enjoy a carefree childhood.

The triplets eventually entered the modeling world when they were 16 years old, and today, at the age of 33, they have found great success and popularity. Modeling agencies appreciate their unique appeal as identical triplets, which has piqued public interest.

In their pursuit of absolute resemblance, the sisters not only look alike but also lead remarkably similar lives. They share the same height (180 cm), weight (54 kg), and have identical waist and chest measurements.

Their daily routines mirror each other, from waking up at the same time to eating the same foods and participating in the same sports activities.

To maintain their unique look, the triplets share a stylist, beautician, and makeup artist, resulting in matching hairstyles and makeup. Rather than being bothered by their striking resemblance, the sisters find joy in their close bond, cherishing their time together.

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Dublin’s most unique triplets grew up and here is what they look like at 33!
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