Unseen Heroes: Delhi Police Officer Empowers Underprivileged Kids on the Streets with an Inspiring Free School!

A Delhi police officer, who himself emerged from the tough life in the city slums during his childhood, is now making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children who are often forced into street work and miss out on education. Than Singh, with his free school, holds classes in the parking lot, helping these kids catch up to their peers in academic knowledge and skill.

Growing up in New Delhi’s streets alongside his two siblings, Singh’s family had to survive on selling corn and ironing clothes. Despite the challenges of their daily existence, Singh understood the value of education from an early age. While his father aspired to be a police officer, the burden of supporting the family hindered his dreams. However, Singh persevered, followed his father’s footsteps, and successfully passed the examination for the Delhi Police.

Returning to the very streets that shaped his upbringing, Singh couldn’t ignore the plight of children who had to work instead of attending school. Driven by a strong desire to make a difference, he established a unique school. Through his efforts, he convinced parents to send their kids to his school, aiming to bridge the gap between these kids and their more privileged peers. Currently, he dedicates himself to teaching 80 children aged 3 to 15 from neighborhood, with the generous assistance of local battery-rickshaw drivers who offer transportation daily.

Than Singh’s school relies solely on donations to provide essential resources like books, lunches, uniforms, and other supplies. His ultimate goal is to create a safe and nurturing environment for these children while their parents are at work, preventing them from wandering the streets unsupervised. The positive impact of the school is evident, as last year, 70 of Singh’s students were able to enroll in government schools, and 10 of them even secured the highest exam scores in their class. For Singh, there is nothing more fulfilling than working for these children and being the catalyst for positive change in their lives through his unwavering support and dedication.

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Unseen Heroes: Delhi Police Officer Empowers Underprivileged Kids on the Streets with an Inspiring Free School!
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