Wanda, Kenny Rogers’ Widow, Breaks Her Silence on Life Without the Iconic Singer: A Heartfelt Reflection on Fond Memories

Kenny Rogers’ wife, Wanda Rogers, opens up for the first time since the legendary singer’s passing, sharing intimate memories of their life together in a heartfelt interview with PEOPLE magazine. The Rogers family cherished Saturdays as a special time, filled with down-to-earth moments away from the limelight. Kenny would take his twin sons, Justin and Jordan, for a “Super Saturday” routine, starting with a McDonald’s breakfast and ending with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese after a visit to the car wash. Wanda fondly recalls these simple joys, underscoring Kenny’s humble and genuine nature.

Since Kenny’s death in March 2020 at age 81, Wanda’s life has been a journey of grief and keeping her husband’s memory alive. She recently curated an album titled “Life Is Like a Song,” featuring unreleased tracks recorded by Kenny between 2008 and 2011. The album aims to honor Kenny’s legacy, capturing his desire to express in his songs what everyone felt deep inside. Wanda is convinced that Kenny would have been incredibly proud of the collection, as it reflects his true essence.

One poignant song on the record, “Goodbye,” written by Kenny’s close friend Lionel Richie, holds a special place in Wanda’s heart. Lionel has been a constant pillar of support during these difficult times, offering advice on staying positive amid darkness. Wanda deeply appreciates his unwavering friendship, describing him as a true brother to Kenny.

Wanda reflects on her journey with Kenny, how their love story began in 1993 when he made an unexpected visit to the restaurant where she worked. Despite an age gap that made her skeptical, their bond grew, fueled by Kenny’s boundless optimism and love for life. They married in 1997 and became parents to Justin and Jordan in 2004. Their final day together was a cherished one spent at home, enjoying movies and Kenny’s favorite dish, vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Despite the comfort of losing Kenny at home, Wanda still feels the pain of witnessing milestones without him, like their sons’ high school graduation. But the family finds solace in their enduring connection with Kenny, feeling his presence through memories, prayers, and even encounters with little red birds that often appear as signs. Wanda remains certain that Kenny’s spirit continues to watch over them, forever a part of their lives.

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Wanda, Kenny Rogers’ Widow, Breaks Her Silence on Life Without the Iconic Singer: A Heartfelt Reflection on Fond Memories
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