Chick-fil-A Employee’s Divine Gesture Caught on Camera. Check It Out Here.

A powerful photograph capturing a Chick-fil-A employee praying for a customer has caught the attention of many. Chick-fil-A, known for its delicious chicken sandwiches and strong Christian values, continues to uphold its founder’s commitment to running the business according to the principles of God. In this instance, Stephen Spray, an employee at the restaurant, felt compelled to pray for a female customer. As he closed his eyes and entered deep into prayer, Brittany Calden, a passerby, witnessed and captured this heartfelt moment on camera.

This image beautifully encompasses the essence of America’s beloved fast-food chain. The current chairman, Dan Cathy, pledged to his father to carry on his philanthropic work, maintain the practice of closing the business on Sundays, and never take the company public. Prayer plays a significant role in the lives of Chick-fil-A employees, equipping them for the challenges they may encounter in the workplace and enabling them to serve their customers with humility, embodying the teachings of Jesus.

Prayer serves as a form of spiritual warfare against the enemy, encouraging believers to intercede for one another and provide support to prevent anyone from straying from their faith. The captured moment, which went viral on social media thanks to Brittany’s instinct as a photographer, holds great significance. She described how she is always on the lookout for moments that touch her, and this instance was undeniably one of them. Stephen, the employee who offered the prayer, explained that he was guided by the Spirit to do so. He emphasized that praying for someone on the spot is not unusual in his workplace, as people often need prayer, encouragement, and love, all of which Chick-fil-A strives to provide.

Chick-fil-A employees leave a lasting impact on customers like Brittany, who expressed her awe at how they greet each customer by name upon entering the restaurant. The staff members consistently go above and beyond to make her feel welcome and comfortable, even offering to hold her baby while she enjoys her meal. On one occasion, as they were leaving, an employee rushed to the door to embrace her daughter. These acts of kindness are driven by their genuine love for others and their desire to follow the example of Christ. Stephen, the employee captured in the photograph, was unaware that Brittany had taken his picture, as his actions were motivated purely by his genuine character. As Brittany noted, “That’s just who he is,” representing Christ through his actions.

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Chick-fil-A Employee’s Divine Gesture Caught on Camera. Check It Out Here.
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