VIDEO: A Boy’s Unforgettable Act of Love And Compassion Will Leave You Touched to the Core

Teaching compassion can be really tough. From the moment our kids are born, we take care of their every need. When they’re hungry, we feed them. When they’re tired, we rock them to sleep. When they’re dirty, we clean them up. And of course, we do all of that because we love them and want to take care of them. But in all that caring, it can be super easy for a little child to start thinking that the whole world revolves around them… mainly because, for the first few years, it kinda does. So as they grow up, we try to teach them compassion, empathy, and understanding. That way, they can become good, kind adults someday and not turn into terrible people we want to disown (except during those teenage years… let’s just pretend those don’t exist for now).

Many kids dream of having a super cool piñata for their birthdays and, more importantly, they hope to smash it open and get all the goodies inside. But there was this one little boy who didn’t follow the usual script. He took a swing at the Spider-Man piñata, but barely even touched it. Then his mom took the stick and gave it to another kid who was ready to destroy Spider-Man. But what happened next was really touching. The little boy, in the most heartwarming way possible, leaned in and gave Spidey a big hug.

This video is so incredibly sweet that it might give you a toothache. Check it out!

Isn’t he just the sweetest? He couldn’t bear the thought of hurting Spider-Man, no matter what he would get in return. And that, my friends, is true compassion. It’s not something that can be taught; it’s simply something he naturally felt.

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VIDEO: A Boy’s Unforgettable Act of Love And Compassion Will Leave You Touched to the Core
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