Backyard Battles: Vegan’s Legal Battle Over Neighbor’s Meaty BBQ – “All I Can Smell is Fish!”

Cilla Carden, a massage therapist from Perth, has been facing a one-of-a-kind challenge with her neighbors. Their activities, like playing basketball and barbecuing, have been causing disruptions and making it nearly impossible for her to find peace in her own backyard. The situation became so overwhelming for Carden that she took the unprecedented step of taking her neighbors to the Supreme Court in Australia.

Carden has been vocal about her discomfort regarding the strong smell of her neighbor’s barbecue and the annoyance caused by children playing basketball nearby. The unpleasant fishy odor from her neighbor’s property has completely robbed her of the joy of using her backyard, rendering it unusable for her.

After a lengthy period of dispute, Carden resorted to legal action, claiming that her neighbors were deliberately disturbing her peace with their constant barbecuing and basketball playing. Unfortunately, her case was rejected, and her subsequent appeal to the Supreme Court met with a similar outcome.

Frustrated by the lack of legal resolution, Carden argued that her neighbors were intentionally causing disturbances. However, it appears that the situation may have found a resolution as her neighbor removed their barbecue and instructed their children to cease playing basketball. This development was confirmed by an investigation conducted by 9News.

The court case garnered significant public attention and even led to the creation of a Facebook event inviting the community to a barbecue, with the intention of demonstrating to Carden that she couldn’t undermine a cherished Australian tradition. The event received an overwhelming response of 24,000 participants, but it was ultimately canceled due to warnings from the police and the threat of legal action from Carden’s lawyer.

Some people think Carden’s actions and complaints indicate that she doesn’t want others to eat meat, but her lawyer clarified that this isn’t the case. According to her lawyer, Carden has no objections to people eating meat or having barbecues.

Feel free to share your opinions on Carden’s legal action against her neighbors in the comments below.

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Backyard Battles: Vegan’s Legal Battle Over Neighbor’s Meaty BBQ – “All I Can Smell is Fish!”
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