You Won’t Believe What This Loving Mom Did to Stand with Her Son. Check It Out Here.

When Enzo was born, his mom, Carolina Giraldelli, was in shock. Her baby had a big birthmark on his face.
Later, they found out it was a congenital melanocytic nevus. By itself, it doesn’t harm, it shows up in the early stages of a baby’s development in the womb.

All was good, but Carolina was really upset that people were looking at her child with pitiful eyes, some even with disdain, and some looked with revulsion.

Carolina worked hard to show people that her child is no different than others. He’s healthy and not a danger to anyone.

She made up her mind: “I need to change and become a person who is tougher, braver and more daring. A person who’s prepared to face any hurdles that my son might encounter in his life.”

To understand what her baby might face in the future, she painted a similar birthmark on her face and spent the day like that.

This experiment brought her a mix of feelings: both good and bad. But, her biggest emotion was a feeling of being “the proudest mom on earth.”

Carolina shared their pictures on social media and was shocked when they were showered with praises and encouraging words from total strangers.

The joyful mom realized she did the right thing.

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