Hippo Makes a Long Indecent Sound – This Video Has Over 41 Million Views

This happens to each one of us – the need for the body to “release gas.” But sometimes this desire comes at the most inconvenient time, so you need to find privacy to fart!

Controlling this urge is not always easy, but allowing it to happen in the presence of people is indecent.
But if farting in public were one of the disciplines of the Olympic sport, then the hippo from our story would win the gold medal!

Hippos are an integral part of nature and, like all wild animals, should be in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, not all wild animals live in savannas, forests, or oceans. Some of them, for various reasons, are in captivity.

Of course, this should not happen, but unfortunately, it is part of modern reality.

“The Farting Hippo Harry”

Animals in zoos have different living conditions at times, but our hippo (below) has something to say to hundreds of people who approach the enclosure to take pictures of him.

And his message is hard to forget!

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