Baby Girl Declared Dead for 18 Minutes Leaves Doctors Stunned. Check Out The Mind-Blowing Story Here.

A baby girl’s astonishing revival after being pronounced dead has left doctors astounded. The incredible incident occurred when Sofia Lorenzi, a toddler, was found lifeless in a jacuzzi following a near-drowning incident. Sofia’s father, Pablo, discovered her submerged and immediately initiated CPR in a desperate attempt to save her. Despite their efforts, medical professionals declared her dead upon her arrival at the hospital. However, just 18 minutes later, Sofia began breathing again, leaving the medical staff dumbfounded.

Sofia’s recovery was an arduous journey filled with challenges. Doctors revealed that she had suffered a significant lack of oxygen to her brain, making her prognosis uncertain. It wasn’t until five days later, when an MRI was conducted, that they could assess the extent of her injuries. Thankfully, the results showed no damage to her other organs, providing hope for her recovery. After spending seven days in the intensive care unit and 47 days in the recovery room, Sofia was finally discharged from the hospital.

Overjoyed and grateful, Sofia’s parents attribute her miraculous revival to divine intervention. They firmly believe that God played a pivotal role in saving their daughter’s life. Magali, Sofia’s mother, expressed her unwavering faith in God’s power and stated that witnessing this miracle only reinforced her belief in His power and might. Sofia’s remarkable progress also left a lasting impact on the medical staff who cared for her. One doctor, in particular, penned a heartfelt letter to Sofia, affectionately calling her his “star” and acknowledging his initial doubts about her survival. Sofia’s parents remain hopeful that she will continue to make a full recovery, while expressing immense gratitude to God for their baby’s second chance at life.

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Baby Girl Declared Dead for 18 Minutes Leaves Doctors Stunned. Check Out The Mind-Blowing Story Here.
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