At age 18, Janet Jackson responds to claims that she had a secret baby from her first marriage…

Public interest in Janet Jackson’s private life has never subsided. Additionally, the singer herself opted not to address the many allegations about what truly went on behind the scenes of her concerts in addition to the star family.

It is well known that the vocalist wed guitarist James DeBarge in 1984.

However, she previously divorcéed him in 1985.

Following that, there were initial rumors that a kid had been born through marriage, but Janet decided to deny them because of her young age (she was just over 18 at the time).

Jackson did, however, ultimately decide to cross all the i’s in a new documentary from Lifetime and an A&E special.

She clarified the origin of the allegations regarding her being pregnant and giving birth.

I put on weight at that time because I was using birth control, I recall. However, a lot of people mistook it for a pregnancy announcement,” the artist said.

She rejected claims that she had given birth and given her brother Jackie or sister Rebbie the child.

These rumors have existed for quite some time. For instance, I forbid the child from seeing his father. But it’s not at all about me. I would never in my life get in the way of a child talking to their father, Janet insisted.

The performer further stated that during her many years on stage, she was subjected to several rumors about herself that had absolutely nothing to do with the truth.

Due to their striking resemblance, it was even suggested that her niece Stevanna was actually her daughter.

Remember that Wissam Al Mana, a businessman, gave birth to their son Issa in January 2017; Janet is officially the mother of just one child.

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At age 18, Janet Jackson responds to claims that she had a secret baby from her first marriage…
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