The kids no longer wear skirts: Gwen Stefani made an appearance in public with her adult sons…

Rarely does Gwen Stefani go out. Even less frequently, the singer makes an appearance in public with her husband and three sons.

But this time, the cause was important. Because Blake Shelton received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, celebrities were willing to pose for photographers with their entire families.

The soloist for “No Doubt” appeared opulent as usual.

With varnished over-the-knee boots and fishnet tights, she complimented a light minidress with black polka dots.

The 53-year-old blonde chose a 1960s-inspired hairstyle and customarily highlighted her scarlet lips with makeup.

Alongside the well-known mother and stepfather, Gwen’s three sons from her first marriage also posed: Kingston, 16, Zuma, 14, and Apollo, 9.

Notably, all the boys were dressed in pants.

Remember how Zuma’s pink tulle skirts stunned the audience for a while? Stephanie handled her son’s urge to dress up in girlie attire rather casually, which confused her supporters.

The young man is now wearing a formal, classic suit. Users of the Internet were sure to like this, of course.

Blake gave a thank-you speech during the star’s opening, as was to be expected. He also made a candid admission that getting married to Gwen was his biggest accomplishment and source of success in life in between conversations about his own life and career as an artist.

“I immediately stopped crossing anything off my list of significant life achievements when I married Gwen. I adore you a lot! And you are the most amazing thing that has ever occurred in my life.

Shelton and Stephanie have been together for nearly eight years.

They first connected while serving as mentors on The Voice. Following traumatic divorces for both, their frenzied relationship served as a sort of deliverance.

Fans of the couple did not take their romance seriously, but Blake proposed to Gwen in 2018 and the singer accepted the engagement in 2020.

The couple wed on the musician’s property nine months later.

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The kids no longer wear skirts: Gwen Stefani made an appearance in public with her adult sons…
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