Fans were taken aback by Angelina Jolie’s new appearance because her clothes resembled a nightgown…

Fans of 47-year-old Angelina Jolie were upset by recent photos captured by the paparazzi at the New York airport.

The actress, who normally dazzles with her extravagant attire, was perplexed by her appearance this time.

The admirers were really confused by Angelina’s appearance. Jolie strutted across the airport in a white dress embellished with lace and frills.

Fans claimed that her attire resembled a nightgown.

The actress covered up this odd outfit with a black jacket that was topped with sparkling black buttons. But it didn’t do anything to assist her.

However, it seems that Jolie herself was happy with her appearance. Zahara, who was with her mother when they arrived, appeared just as happy.

As far as is known, Jolie traveled to New York with Zahara this time not for business but rather to have fun and unwind.

As she has stated numerous times, Angelina is overjoyed to have the chance to spend time with her eldest adopted daughter.

Since the girl moved from Los Angeles, where Jolie lives, to Atlanta to attend Spelman College, they hardly ever interact.

And Angelina misses her darling dearly—apparently much more so than she does her other five children.

The mother and daughter therefore travel somewhere to be alone as soon as the daughter has the chance to leave college.

Jolie travels to New York with Zahara for the third time in the past six months only. They enjoy each other’s company as they stroll and “run” through the shops.

And the actress brought Zahara to Washington in December of last year.

But afterwards, the trip’s goal changed and became more important. Jolie brought her daughter along when she went to Congress to hear about legal changes.

Zahara is generally more likely than the actress’s other children to take part in her humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors.

In terms of Jolie’s other children, Zahara and Maddox, her oldest adoptive son, typically accompany her on trips.

The actress traveled to Washington, D.C., with him in April of this year to attend a reception in honor of the president of South Korea.

Because he is fascinated in Korean culture, Maddox wanted to visit. The young man, who studies Korean, chose Seoul University as his place of higher learning.

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Fans were taken aback by Angelina Jolie’s new appearance because her clothes resembled a nightgown…
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