A woman ran 2900 km and shed 63.5 kg and here is how she looks now…

Kriste Kromptom, an Englishwoman in her 42nd year, is the mom of not one, not two, but possibly five kids. She was five times more likely to experience postpartum depression than not. She gained the majority of her additional weight during her postpartum depression.

She chose to rent a treadmill for £65 per month that was delivered to her house because she couldn’t afford to go to the gym. Kriste developed a strong interest in running, and after clocking up 2900 km, she was able to shed 63.5 kg.

When Kriste weighed 133.5 kg, she seemed like this. The mother had never been particularly thin, but after the birth of her fifth child, a wave of postpartum melancholy swept over her.

She did her best to eat her tension while her husband took care of the kids. Kriste’s girth has nearly doubled as a result of bags of chips, bottles of white wine, meal pots, and a sedentary lifestyle.

She was routinely sitting at home one day when one of her parents arrived and claimed that their kids had gotten into a fight. The woman was nicknamed a fat cow during the outburst, which not only hurt her but also made her want to lose weight.

Kriste chose to rent a treadmill for £65 a month, which she set up right in her home since she was embarrassed to run outside and couldn’t afford to attend to the gym with five kids.

Kriste lost 25 kg in 5 months, grew more self-assured, and started running outside the house. One of Kriste’s first marathons is one she participates in.

Kriste started to look like this after losing 63.5 kg and traveling 2900 km.
A woman ran 2900 km in a year, which is equivalent to running from Rome to Scotland.

She now maintains her fitness by running 55 to 60 km every week.

She lost those additional pounds by running, which also improved her mood and gave her self-confidence. Additionally, she entirely changed as a result of running; in fact, her friends no longer recognized her when they saw her in public. Kriste following the 10 km Mad Dog marathon.

At her current weight of 70 kg, Kriste is vibrant, active, and yet feels young.

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A woman ran 2900 km and shed 63.5 kg and here is how she looks now…
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