A woman who will soon turn 75 but looks 35: Her pictures startled the internet after becoming viral…

Judith Larkins Annette has been eating only raw foods for 33 years. Her diet consists primarily of raw fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, wheat germ, nuts, and herbs. She cut dairy, meat, and items that had undergone any kind of processing out of her menu.

According to Mrs. Larkins, she now has the vigor of a 25-year-old. “I have a lot of energy! I rise no later than 5:30 in the morning, bursting with vigor, happiness, and inspiration. They all refer to her beloved spouse, with whom they have already celebrated their golden wedding, as her father, by the way.

Amos would like to emulate his wife, but he lacks the motivation to do so, so he continues with his bad behaviors.

Amos takes numerous medications for his diabetes and high blood pressure, which contributes to his aging appearance. Annette also forgot how much aspirin she had taken. Perhaps more like older brothers are her two adult sons.

The majority of Annette Larkins’ fruits and veggies come from her own gardens. “I consume a lot of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and seeds that have germinated from my garden.” She often refers to her garden as “the fountain of youth.” Larkins’ own family history is convoluted.

Cancer even ran in her family. Annette started giving her granddaughter wheat germ juice when she was 7 months old and was told she had an intestinal condition.

Within a few days, the infant was well again. Mrs. Larkins works to educate people about alternative eating methods that don’t make them feel drowsy but instead give them an energy boost. Annette has also seen a decrease in her susceptibility to the cold and a lack of illnesses. She frequently turns her fruits and vegetables into juice.

In numerous interviews and cooking demonstrations, Annette Larkins divulges all of her experiences and recipes. She is the author of The Path to Health, a book that offers a wealth of advice on how to stay young and healthy.

Her spouse says about his wife, “She is great! I’m not joking! She does everything, including building computers, creating and sewing her own clothes, growing her own food, and speaking three languages. Amazing!”

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A woman who will soon turn 75 but looks 35: Her pictures startled the internet after becoming viral…
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