Have you seen what Jennifer Lopez looks like without any makeup?

Jennifer Lopez, of course, falls well short of the Kardashian clan in terms of Photoshop blunders. Fans, however, are accustomed to seeing her constantly dressed fully.

The pop singer shared her beauty regimen with her followers yesterday and demonstrated how she gets ready for daily makeup.

In other words, she displayed her face entirely bare of makeup.

The artist applied a lifting serum, a moisturizing cream with a brightening effect, a booster for skin luminosity, and a highlighter from her own line of beauty products during the various stages of preparation.

Fans, of which J. Lo has a healthy 244 million, were overjoyed and hurried to compliment the pop diva.

Many of the pop diva’s fans believed she was employing filters, though.

‘Enough filtering!’ Display your true skin! Be honest with us because we love you, one person writes.

Why employ so many filters? The second agrees that having aged eyes only makes you more attractive. A third responds sceptically, “You forgot to mention that you use thousand dollar cosmetics and do lasers.”

And even while it’s challenging to win over everyone on the Internet, it’s important to note that this is J. Lo’s second recent video to stir up a lot of controversy.

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