After 75 years apart, two brothers were reunited. Each of them believed the other was dead…

Morris Sana and Simon Mirowitz, two cousins, were best friends as kids. They played and ran along the street together all the time, never imagining that one day their paths in life would diverge. However, when the Second World War started, everything was different.

The boys’ Jewish parents hastily evacuated their home and went to a safer location after the Nazis invaded their native Romania. The brothers haven’t spoken to one another since that time.

Naturally, they desired to reestablish contact, but under wartime circumstances, it was nearly difficult to learn the new address of relatives, and even this was not a top priority. Years went by with neither Morris nor Simon providing any updates.

Each of them believed that his relative had already passed away from a gunshot or in a concentration camp run by the Nazis.
After the battle was over, life dispersed them over the globe. While Simon relocated and established in England, Morris did the same in Israel.

Each time, they sadly reminisced about their early years and that happy time they had spent together. But they never even considered the possibility that life would throw them a curveball in 75 years.

The truth is that while searching for her family members online, Morris’ niece stumbled found Simon’s daughter. She made the snap decision to find out if her uncle’s cousin was still alive and was overjoyed to hear from Mr. Myrowitz’s daughter that her father was doing fine.

Naturally, the ladies informed their senior males of this wonderful news right away and scheduled a long-awaited meeting for them. And based on their response, they continue to have doubts about what is taking place.

People simply were unable to control their emotions after what they witnessed, which makes their reactions understandable.

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After 75 years apart, two brothers were reunited. Each of them believed the other was dead…
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